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Best Tutorials for Drawing Wings of Fire Dragons or Dragonets

Note to reader:

First, I'm going to say that is was hard for me to find Drawing tutorial videos that I think were the best quality, and, as is most likely turned out, the best quality usually is digital drawing.

Alright. So, since it was hard for me to find some videos, I actually just decided to give you some drawing tutorials that will help you draw the other tribes better as well.

So, I think that RainWings will probably help you draw the other tribes the most, you just have to draw the different details (and remove the little bit of the frill), here is the first realistic headshot from Ultimate Drawings:

Here is my drawing of the RainWing from that tutorial:

Alright it was a little fast, but Ultimate Drawings explained it very well, and I think that my drawing turned out pretty decent.

This also may have helped you work out how you draw other dragons, but, you don't have to do it as realistic, so, here is a more cartoonish one from Obsessive Fangirl:

This one was step-bye-step, and went a little fast, so just pause, as they said in the video. I think that this one was easier to draw, and won't take up more of your time if you need it for animations. This one was actually better without color, in my opinion, but you can do whatever you like.

Here is an image of my drawing for this one:

Okay, so here is how to draw dragon eyes, as they are so small, but yet, can give EVERYONE a super hard time. So, here is two videos of how to draw dragon eyes. The first one is going to be more of a cartoonish eye, but super helpful and fit with more cute-looking dragons (like Sunny, for an example). Then, the second one is more of a realistic drawing, that goes with more sassy or angry characters (in my opinion), or it can be just realistic.

Alright, so, here is the first one by Cyprus or WhatSisFace (I don't know what their YouTube channel is called, but whatever

Okay, so that one was a little short, but it was very helpful, and was great and easy to follow along. I also think that it was very helpful to add the eyes to a dragon, so that we could see how the eyes effected the dragon's expression.

Okay, so now for the detailed eye from Ultimate Drawings:

Okay, I think that the cat eye mixed with the iris is the best for most dragons (for me), but basically, Ultimate Drawings doesn't go into TOO much detail for the eyes, because they are so small.

Okay, if you are having trouble with drawing dragon full-bodies, just look at this tutorial on how to make Drawing Dragons easier by WhatSisFace/Cyprus:

Okay, so here is Drawing Clay of the MudWings, which will help you with drawing other MudWings as well. So here it is from TennelleFlowers! :

Okay, back to having trouble with something? Checkout Haasio's Drawing tutorial on how to draw dragon talons (note that this is more of a realistic tutorial):

Want to draw some expressions? Just look at WhatSisFace's video on how to draw dragons with cartoonish expressions here:

Okay, so, I know that this next one is very detailed and very AMAZING, but, it helps a lot with pencil-and-paper colorless drawings that you just add shadow and shade to make it kind of look like the color it self, this artist is amazing at showing you how to do that. I didn't even pay attention to the other parts of the dragon, I just used it to make my shading for my drawing WAY better. So, here it is, by MGD Channel:

Okay, so here is Biohazardia explaining how to draw the different types of SandWings

that was really helpful for me to pick out my style:

Okay, so before I go onto the full-body tutorial, here is a how to draw wings from WhatSisFace, that was very helpful to do BEFORE I went on to the full body tutorial. So, I recommend that you watch this tutorial first:

Okay, so now that you have done all the other tutorials, you should do this full body tutorial, as it will help you draw your own OC's even better. (from: Biohazardia) So, here it is:

Okay, so that is the end of this Blog, and I hope it was helpful for you and....goodbye!

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