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Best Wings of Fire Videos Week 3

This is The Jade Winglet Punches a Wall by Dragonsheep. It's about all of the Jade Winglet being mad about something and then punching Qibli's wall. Poor Qibli's wall. It's all beaten up after this...

This is also Dragonsheep! Anyways, this is her/he drawing wings of fire characters according to the WoF wiki. He/her drawing are hilarious. It's called: According to WoF wiki...

There are so many Wings of Fire M.A.P.s that I decided to do one. This is Control, a Peril M.A.P. A M.A.P. stands for Multi Animator Project. This M.A.P. is an animation that goes along with the song. I think the animation is really good, and I love the song! It matches Peril perfectly.

Make sure to check in next week for more memes!

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