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Wings of Fire Best Videos of the Week #1

We will be posting three of our favorite videos we find that are Wings of Fire or dragon related. We all know cat and dog videos help most people relax and now we need some dragon videos in our life. Check back weekly for new recommendations.

Our first video is called "Peacemaker gets an Owie" This one is by Dragonsheep Studios and is a hilarious take on a creepy Peacemaker as a child.


This is a trailer for an animated series by the Paperdrake Productions that was a collection of fans. It is a great trailer and we are so sad they have cancelled this project. However, enjoy the work they have done and there is another group called animated wings that looks like they are working on a series as well. Hopefully Warner Brothers will give us an update on their series with Ava Duvernay directing soon.


Last up for this week is a clean video of Wings of Fire Characters as Vines. Some are not that great, but a lot of them are hilarious and definitely worth the watch.

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