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Wings of Fire Best Videos of the Week #2

This one is called: A Typical Day with the Guardians, made by Dragonsheep studios, featuring Clay and the three guardians, Kestrel, Dune, and Webs, having trouble with homework.

This one is called: Who Broke it, made by: Dragons & Doodles, featuring the dragonets of destiny and the guardians, as a funny animation that is short and definitely worth watching.

⚠ SPOILER ALERT ( if you have not read book two!!) ⚠

This is a funny animation about book two in the Wings of Fire series, made by: EmeraldCheetah, that is a little bit long, but very silly, also, pay attention to the character explanations, as they are funny.


Remember to check back weekly for your weekly fix of memes and videos!

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